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  • Accès au salon discord “Shatons” : jeux gratuit éclair/limité en avance et bons plans ou il faut être rapide.
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  • Grade Shaton sur le site & discord.

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  • Accès au Salon VIP “Cybershatons” sur Discord : Participe aux discussions, partage tes idées, et sois au cœur de l'évolution de la fondation.
  • Photo de profil et bannière personnalisé.
  • Une voix dans l'Avancement du Site : Tes idées et retours sont précieux. Deviens acteur du développement du projet.
  • Chance décuplée sur les concours où des partenaires offrent des clés de jeux vidéo à distribuer à la communauté.
  • Grade Cyber Shaton sur le site & discord.
  • Les avantages de Shaton précédemment.

Guide to the Experience and Astral of the Cybersouls Foundation

In the vast universe of video gaming, the Cybersouls Foundation emerges as an innovative platform, enriching players' interaction with the virtual world. Two key concepts, Experience and Astral, are at the heart of this enriched interaction. This article aims to demystify these terms for newcomers.

Black stone pyramid displaying 'Cyber Souls Foundation' in neon with a bright blue energy portal at the center.

The features outlined on this page are not yet implemented, they will be coming soon!

Experience, a Quest for Personal Growth

Experience, in the context of Cybersouls, manifests in two distinct forms: Gamer Experience and Cybersouls Experience.

Gamer Experience :

It is the result of time spent playing. You gain experience by completing games, achieving successes, and when you achieve a good ranking in competitive games.

Like when you finish Silver, Gold, or Diamond during a season of League of Legends, Valorant, Counter Strike, or Fortnite.

Fakitsu with a crown holding a golden trophy.
Fakitsu reading a bounty on an old scroll.

Cybersouls Experience:

It is acquired by actively contributing to the growth and maintenance of the Cybersouls Foundation. Users can suggest improvements to the site, complete game sheets, report expired free game offers, and participate in various special events.

Bounties, community challenges, also offer the opportunity to earn an even greater amount of experience and Astral. We will see a little later what Astral is used for.

Leveling up in each category, Gamer and Cybersouls, is similar to class progression in an RPG (Warrior or Druid). This allows you to access higher ranks with unique titles like Berserk or Archdruid.

Except that the ranks at the Cybersouls Foundation are even cooler!

Each rank advancement offers exclusive rewards, unlocks site features, and reduces certain restrictions, making the experience on the platform more rewarding and personalized.

For instance, your number of uses of the video game search bar on the site can go from 20 per day to 50 per day. You will also unlock daily chests after reaching a certain rank.

Fakitsu kneeling while holding a glowing purple gift.
Bright Astral comet crossing a starry sky with luminous trails.

Astral, the Currency of the Cybersouls Foundation

Astral represents the virtual currency used within the Cybersouls Foundation. It is earned by contributing to the platform, whether it is by completing game sheets, participating in bounties, or during special events.

With Astral, users can acquire special rewards to personalize their profiles, making them a unique reflection of their personality and journey. This can be banner photos, profile picture borders, or even collectible cards.

Open treasure chest glowing orange, revealing reward cards for profile customization on a radiant background.
Collection of Fakitsu merchandise including PS4 game cases, Pop figures, and a T-shirt.

They can also indulge in virtual or real rewards, an offering that enriches as the foundation expands and collaborates with studios and organizations in the world of video games. We are talking here about posters, figurines, clothing, and games

In Conclusion

Experience and Astral are not just game mechanics, they are a reflection of their passion for video games as well as their commitment and the support of users towards the Cybersouls Society. Both embody a way to value and reward the contribution and investment of players, thus enriching their journey in the captivating universe of video games on the Cybersouls platform. Every action, every minute of play, and every contribution counts, creating an enriched and personalized experience for oneself and for each member of the community.

Multiple clones of Fakitsu forming an army, one behind the other.